Elisabeth Scott Daley's One-Woman Tribute to Musical Theatre and the Great White Way


Liz Daley Sings in Las Vegas!

Liz Daley of Liz Daley Events helps Randy Bartlett make his point during his Mobile Beat seminar presentation, ” Behind the Scenes”.

Often we hear the DJ say  in an very loud announcer voice……” LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!” or “GIVE IT UP FOR……..!!!!!!!” in order to tell the audience in the most obnoxious way ever…. that it is now time to CLAP!!

Randy made examples of live theatrical performances such as Broadway or a live  Awards Show telecast and how the actors or the Host never have to ASK the audience for applause.

They finish the scene or finish the moment…..and the audience KNOWS it is time.

Don’t kid yourself!  The audience is very smart.

Don’t TELL them what to do….. or when to do it.

Liz made the point by performing the last 30 seconds of “Cabaret” bringing about thunderous applause…..and Randy didn’t have to say, “ let’s give it up for Liiiiiiiizzzzz!!!”